About Cornea Treatments.

The cornea is the clear, protective outer layer of your eye. Along with the sclera (white of the eye), it serves as a barrier against dirt, germs and other particles that can harm your eye's delicate components. The cornea is also capable of filtering out some of the sun's ultraviolet light. LASIK is a type of corneal surgery designed to offset certain vision abnormalities. Our surgeons are cornea specialists serving the needs of patients from New Jersey and throughout the United States.

As light enters your eye, it is refracted, or bent, by the outside shape of your cornea. The curvature of this outer layer helps determine how well your eye can focus on objects close up and far away.

The term "corneal disease" refers to a variety of conditions that affect mainly the cornea. These include infections, degenerations, and many other disorders of the cornea that may arise mostly as a result of heredity.

If your cornea becomes damaged through infection, injury or diseases, such as keratoconus, the resulting scars can interfere with vision by blocking or distorting light as it enters the eye.

With its ability for quick repair, the cornea usually heals after most injuries or disease. However, when there is deep injury to the cornea, the healing process may be prolonged, possibly resulting in a variety of symptoms, including:

Blurred vision
Extreme sensitivity to light
Corneal scarring

If you experience any of these symptoms around your cornea, contact Kindermann Eye Associates immediately. Remember these symptoms may indicate a serious problem or require special treatment. Corneal diseases can only be diagnosed after a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist. Although corneal diseases resulting from hereditary factors, like dystrophies, cannot be prevented, vision can be preserved by early detection and treatment. We are cornea specialists with extensive experience performing a wide array of surgerical procedures such as those associated with correcting corneal abnormalities.


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