About Eye Motility Disorders.

Six muscles control every eye movement. If one of these muscles does not function properly, your eye doctor will diagnose an eye motility disorder. Some children are born with a disorder, though some appear suddenly. Knowing the signs of changes may help prevent permanent eye damage.


Esotropia, often referred to as "crossed eyes," is diagnosed when one or both eyes turn in. This is not typically a painful condition, though vision may be blurry in one or both eyes.


A diagnosis of exotropia means that one eye looks straight ahead and the other turns out, toward the temple. Just as with esotropia, vision may be blurred. Typically there is not pain.

Vertical Deviations

A vertical deviation is diagnosed when one eye shifts up or down while the other stays in a forward position. Since the eyes do not line up, vision will likely be blurred, though pain should not be present with vertical deviations.


During an eye exam, the doctor will cover one eye and then the other. If the patient has a motility disorder, the eyes will shift when covered. This gives the doctor information to determine the muscles involved in the disorder.


If a child is born with an eye motility disorder, one eye may be patched for periods of time to encourage both eyes to point straight ahead. In some cases, the proper eye glass prescription may correct or improve the condition. Some patients, however, may need a surgical repair.


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